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  • The jeans hugged the curves of her hips too enticingly, and the shirt was cropped to reveal a small expanse of golden stomach. Barry Henderson stood at the center of the room and called everyone to gather around him.
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    He hesitated during every step as he fought to resist her.
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  • She realized what she had mistaken for shadows at first glance was really more blood. She could hear the sounds of her life strangling from her, 262 SARA REINKE a desperate, sodden cawing.
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  • This is a private hospital My father has powerful friends , boasted Linda.
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  • You--I kiss and offer to marry, and you puzzle over it, seeking some motive. Simon caught fire, and they rolled together to dampen it.
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  • Charlotte had slipped into the hall, and padded over to his room, kneeling on the floor to try to peep through his keyhole.
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  • She took another step toward him while licking her bottom lip. In a new environment, it helped to feel another person s warmth, 76 Meant To Be especially when that someone was as much a stranger to the past as she was.
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