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  • Maybe if I stare back, he ll mind his own business. Linda thought 338 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story she was just being paranoid.
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    Charlotte could not have hoped that in this--likely her most broken and miserable hour--she might have at least only endured Una and Meghan's company as she dressed.
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  • She entertained the 60 With This Ring, I Thee Dread idea of killing Ryan and hiding his body.
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  • Linda would definitely have something and she was sure that she really wouldn t mind if she borrowed it. She shot Jillian a nasty look before she hastened back down the aisle.
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  • Ted clarified, upset that she d volunteer him for that task. Since His Majesty and I shall likely never meet, much less marry, I figure I am on my own to discredit James and see Kenley freed from this pretense of marrying me.
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  • As he held her, Reilly's eyes swept the table, settling briefly upon James Houghton, and he laughed softly.
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  • God expects you to go to bed with your husband. And she looked forward to returning to that single life as soon as she hopped on the train.
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    She involuntarily sniffed and wiped the tears off her cheeks with the backs of her hands.
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  • I looked down upon your little faces each for the first; you each wiggled and squealed against me, and I was overwhelmed.
  • Men, gather your ladies and let s have a good time. He kept his piercing stare on Michael and his voice deepened, All that shit does for me, Mr.
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    She lifted her head to look at him, he was already awake.
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