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  • One of Valear s slaps definitely stung and would have probably crushed bone in a mortal.
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  • She slowly walked back to the cabin, trying to enjoy as much solitude and serenity as possible before she had to face Ryan. The three stood still, silent for a moment, before they turned and left the alley.
  • Therefore, it was known 86 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story that he was chosen out of thousands to rule his kind someday.
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  • You re an orphan? although he already knew, thanks to the investigative efforts of Jason.
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    Can you believe she would come? she heard Payton Stockley say to another young woman as they moved past. Why this would please her as it seemed to; why it stoked some unfamiliar yet pleasant warmth within her, Charlotte could not say, but she smiled softly and despite herself.
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  • He watched her lean back on her hands and knew it would be so easy for him to scale down the side of the house and possess her.
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  • In fact, his normal sustenance had increase three fold since he met her to try and quell his hunger, but it still seemed unaffected.
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  • However, marriage is an honorable institution and deserves all the support it can get.
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    She couldn t tell by looking at her, so she would wait and talk to Lucas.
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  • The man was quite tall, taller than Lucas, and much more frightening. A stubborn crumb stayed on the corner of his mouth, and Greta wanted to lick it off.
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  • She paced in front of him, Christ, I wish I had a cigarette! It means there must be something better, tempting them the more.
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  • He was now close enough to reach out and grab her hair as she turned to run. Julian said nothing; he sputtered quietly, and his face infused with sudden, bright color.
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  • He abruptly stood and backed away resisting the demonic urges. That sword you caressed with your fingers the first night we were together was one I shed blood with so many times in my century.
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  • She pulled the magazine back toward Elsa and began flipping through the pages to the main story.
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    One thing was certain; she didn t feel as confident when she was away from him.
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  • The heat that was created between them was scorching but it didn t burn her, in fact, it just made her want more. This is too soon for her to do such a drastic image change.
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